Flawless Face In Five Minutes: Jane Iredale Starter Kit #JaneIredale

Disclosure: I was provided with the following products as a part of the Vogue Influencer community.

As a member of the Vogue Influencer network I was provided with the opportunity to try a cosmetic brand I was not very familiar with. In fact, I had never heard of Jane Iredale but once I did my research I was more than willing to try beauty products that also offered skincare benefits! I was sent the Jane Iredale Starter Kit which consisted of a reusable cosmetic bag with mirror, four products and one mini powder brush. I love that this introductory set contains a little bit of everything for those of us who want to try  different products but have no idea where to start. It’s available in five different shades and naturally I chose the lightest, because my complexion is near to non existent!

The four products inside of the kit are mini versions of the Pure Pressed Base, Amazing Base, Smooth Affair Primer, and Pommisst Hydrating Spray.

It’s hard to select a favorite part of this kit because there are three things that I absolutely love. The first is the Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener. This stuff works great when it comes to evening out your skin tone and reducing the visibility of pores. I have a lot of redness on certain areas of my face and this primer worked well in concealing them. Even though it’s sheer, it creates a luminous effect that causes the light to bounce off the problem areas. It also made my skin very soft and left me with a smooth canvas to apply the makeup on. 

The second is the Pure Pressed Base which is the mineral foundation in solid form. Not only did it keep my face oil-free, including my annoying T-zone, it also gave a flawless matte finish without looking cakey. Since it provides more coverage than the loose powder it’s easy to build the color and camouflage redness and darkness.

Another product that stood out to me was the hydration spray known as Pommisst. This is a facial spritz that hydrates the skin while setting the mineral foundation. It also gives you a healthy glow and keeps the makeup looking fresh. Sometimes wearing powder foundation in general can make your complexion look dry and dull as the day goes on. When this happens all you need is a few sprays of the hydrating mist and your skin is brought back to life. It’s very refreshing.

Overall I am very pleased with my first, but not last, experience with Jane Iredale cosmetics. The minis are great for travel and your purse but I have the feeling I am going to run out of my top three picks sooner than expected. It’s always nice to find a new brand that knocks you off your feet. I cannot wait to try their lip products too!
Have you ever tried Jane Iredale cosmetics? If so, I would love to know your favorite product!


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    I also have never heard of Jane Iredale. From the photos the products look like a good size! I'm def going to look into these!

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    Jane Iredale is such a great makeup line! We carry it at Riverspointe Spa, and use it on all of our brides because of how beautifully it photographs. Great blog post!

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