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Mar 26, 2015

Savory Sweet Potato And Egg Breakfast Hash [GIVEAWAY]

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Breakfast is said to be the meal of champions but I prefer my my morning favorites other times of the day. In fact, there are many instances in which I have turned down a big juicy steak and baked potato for a cheesy omelet. I think I've always been that way too. I remember diving into the box a cereal everyday after elementary school and eating a big bowl most nights for dinner when I was pregnant. The whole concept of breakfast only as a morning tradition quickly faded away. How can you blame me? Eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, waffles - the list goes on - are some of the yummiest foods out there! 

Mar 23, 2015

REESE'S Peanut Butter Basketball Cupcakes

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Game day grub has been a popular topic on the blog lately and now that we're in the middle of basketball season I have an excuse to create another festive treat to please my favorite fans. After preparing this savory dip I needed something sweet to counteract those spicy flavors. Creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate is one of my favorite combinations. Truthfully, you can't really go wrong with these two on their own or together. You can create so many different desserts with these two classic ingredients but my favorite would be using them to spruce up a good ol' cupcake.

Mar 13, 2015

An Easter Basket Fit For A FROZEN Queen

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When I think of Easter there are a few things that come to mind: baskets stuffed with surprises, egg hunts in the backyard, and coloring hard boiled eggs with the family. As Toodie has gotten older this holiday has become much more exciting each year. We've been able to create our own traditions and make long lasting memories that she will always cherish. When I was her age my favorite part of Easter was waking up to the one-of-a-kind Easter basket that my mom would put together each and every year. I was an only child and she always out did herself. Of course, at the time I thought it was the Easter bunny but at some point I kind of caught on. When she started including makeup and gas gift cards I had a hunch she was the one behind these incredible baskets.

Mar 9, 2015

Blue Cheese + Buffalo Chicken Dip

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I never thought in a million years that I would ever consider myself a sports fan. I grew up loving the occasional game of kickball in the front yard and going to baseball games with my grandfather. My family has always been die hard sports fanatics but not me. I was always a "girly girl" who participated in ballet and jazz, but never a contact sport that required me to get down and dirty. My how times have changed. Today I couldn't do a pli├ę without hearing a bone crack. I much rather slap on my team colors and scream at the television as the MVP pulls off the greatest slam dunk of the game. Basketball season gives us the excuse to hoot and holler all we want. No judgements right?  It's March and that means it's time to shoot some hoops while getting your game day grub on too.

Feb 24, 2015

Brew The PERFECT Cup Of Coffee At Home With Starbucks®

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Everyone has something they are passionate about. It could be a hobby, a job, an interest, a cause, or even something as simple as a good book with a deep message that touched you. Passions come in many shapes and sizes. Mine just happens to come in the form of a good cup of coffee, Starbucks® to be more specific. Starbucks® coffee has been my guilty pleasure and addiction for a solid 6 years. I didn't really find my love for the brew until I had my daughter and it's no surprise that it kept me sane during those sleepless nights every new parent experiences. We all have to pay our dues! It's not that I need the caffeine to function, but truth be told it sure makes each day more enjoyable. The smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee makes my heart melt and puts me into one of those "feel good" kinda moods.

Feb 23, 2015

EXTRA Cheesy Pepper Jack Mac + Cheese

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I learned two things this past (very eventful) weekend- birthday parties are A LOT of work and mac & cheese never lasts around a large group of people. In all honesty it doesn't really last long around anyone, myself included. Macaroni and cheese is a staple side dish and a cozy comfort food enjoyed by just about everyone. There is something utterly satisfying within that big bowl of noodles covered in a thick  creamy blend of cheeses. It's warm, gooey, and decadent. Some prefer the classic mac but I like mine with an extra kick. Pepper jack is where it's at! That's the thing about mac & cheese.. you can always enhance it and add your own flavors for a different cheesy experience each time.

Feb 11, 2015

Three Ingredient Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Keeping it simple and sweet is the way to my heart. A dip that tastes just like one of my favorite desserts has been on my radar lately. I have been meaning to make this delicious and oh-so popular Funfetti Cake Batter Dip for quite some time now. With party planning underway and a stellar sweet tooth that never stops demanding its fix, I had the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of this fluffy dream come true. The results? A sweet sprinkle-encrusted dip that is perfect for parties or snacking.