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Jul 30, 2015

FabFitFun Summer Edition 2015 + Promo Code

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Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself hovering anxiously by your front door because a package is due to be delivered? It's not any package either, but a FABULOUS one. You look like a creeper peeping out of your own  window but can't help yourself because every car that drives by may be holding your precious cargo. That was me a few weeks ago when I found out my first FabFitFun subscription box was on its way. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the FabFitFun Summer Edition box which is packed with over $275 in goodies! Once it finally reached my doorstep I understood why so many ladies adore this unique subscription service. Fabulous, fun, and how did they fit so much stuff in there?

Jul 27, 2015

Shaun The Sheep Glass Marble Ornament

As you may have noticed, we are patiently waiting in excitement for the release of the Shaun The Sheep Movie next week! The movie theater has been our sanctuary this summer when the weather is icky and the sunshine is hiding behind the clouds. Sometimes popcorn and a few good laughs are all you need to cure the rainy day blues. As Shaun goes on his epic adventure from the farm to a big city we get to see all of the silly shenanigans that follow him and his flock. If the movie is anything like than trailer than I am expecting quite a few hilarious scenes.

Jul 26, 2015

Cool Off With A Copycat Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino

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During the summer time finding a way to cool down and stay refreshed is of the utmost importance. Here in Florida we're in the midst of the hottest days of the year and even though the sun is scorching it hasn't stopped us from enjoying what's left of it! Whether it's around town or in our very own backyard, we are always on the go looking for the next adventure. There's no better time than summer to be spontaneous. Pack a picnic with friends, take a hike on a nearby nature trail, explore a local park, or just relax by the pool. Wherever the summer may take you, Starbucks® has a variety of bottled beverages to help you bring your coffee passion outside and into the sunshine.

Jul 24, 2015

What's Streaming: Netflix Picks For July

These past few weeks I probably spent an unnecessary amount of time lounging on the couch watching Netflix. The last week of June I had surgery and we conveniently upgraded the television in our living room around the same time. As a result I went from never watching it to spending an hour or two each day being mesmerized by the crystal clear high definition screen. Plus it's one of those fancy ones that you can connect to the internet and stream your Netflix with the click of a button the remote. Where did all this new technology come from? I must have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the settings on that thing. When all the fuss was done I was able to wrap up the last season of Pretty Little Liars and start binge watching another of my favorites, Cupcake Wars.

Jul 23, 2015

Shaun The Sheep Movie Hits The Big Screen + GIVEAWAY

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If your family is anything like mine than you have probably spent a lot of time at the movie theater this Summer. From the $1 kid flicks to the pure bliss of diving into a tub of buttered popcorn, you really can't go wrong spending part of your day in front of the big screen. We've watched quite a few good films during the break but there is one we have been looking forward to for months, the Shaun The Sheep Movie. A few weeks ago we got a peek of the trailer and I was thrilled when Toodie turned to me and said, "We HAVE to see that mommy!"

Jul 21, 2015

Cinnamon Streusel Cheesecake Muffins

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When school ended I had convinced myself that the next few months were going to be a breeze. How hectic could Summer really be? This is suppose to be the one time of the year where we can sit back, relax, and treat each day as a spontaneous adventure. Besides not having to wake up obnoxiously early everyday, I haven't had to put too much effort into dragging my daughter out of bed each morning. We've kind of been playing it by ear and enjoying our time together. Even with a relaxed schedule in place I make sure that breakfast time is still recognized as the most important meal of the day. After all, we need something to get us charged up after being lazy bums. Breakfast is my favorite meal anyways and it's one that you will never have to force me to participate in, even on the busiest of days.

Jul 15, 2015

Funfetti Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for.. Funfetti Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Funfetti Donut Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Summer is such a happy and relaxing time here at our house. The days are long while the weather is beautiful and warm. In Florida it's hard to distinguish between the seasons that we don't typically acknowledge, but you know when the season of sunshine has arrived. Flip flops, water slides, colorful pool floats, sundresses, and mouth-watering frozen treats are all staples to beat the heat. The best way to cool off during the Summer time is with a big scoop of ice cream covered in sprinkles and syrup. That's the way I always enjoyed it as a child and Toodie is no different. She could eat her weight in vanilla ice cream.