Mommy ♡ Daughter Date: The Young At Art Museum #YoungAtArt

It’s been over a year since our first visit to the Young At Art Museum here in South Florida. Last week was intense stressful around here. Between working, preparing for a birthday party, and Valentine school festivities I was extremely exhausted by the time Sunday arrived. I was more than ready to relax and unwind a bit since I was off of work Monday & Tuesday. Typically when I am off during the week I take advantage of having free time to myself because Toodie is in school until the afternoon and it gives me a chance to get things done without any distractions. Since I was able to get some rest and run a few errands yesterday I thought it would be nice to spend a day at the museum before heading back to reality on Wednesday. Toodie has been asking me to take her to visit the Young At Art Museum again for a while now & this seemed to be the perfect time to do so. Yes, I let her play hooky from school today.. shhhhh!

I was looking forward to seeing how Toodie would interact with the various educational exhibits now that she is a year older than our last visit. It may only be one year but I notice such a change in her since she was 4. Whether it’s her growing vocabulary or attention to the smallest details, she amazes me. Everyday her mind is developing and I see her learning right in front of me. She soaks everything up like a wet sponge and I love watching her experience new things. Children are little braniacs. Even as an adult I enjoyed all of the exhibits myself and also learning new things together.

Anyhoo…. here is a look at our fun filled day at the museum! There was so much to do and we made sure to get an early start to ensure we wouldn’t miss a thing.

The Young At Heart Museum is unique in its design. It is divided into four stimulating sections- the Wonderscapes, Artscapes, Culturescapes, and Greenscapes. Each area offers activities and exhibits true to the theme. You can visit each area at your own pace and learn something new every time. It would be hard to run out of things to do here and if you already went through the whole museum, it’s even more fun to go back and spend extra time in your favorite areas. Any parent can appreciate the layout and the detail put into the exhibits. Each and every one is targeted towards children and the way the way they learn best, through hands on experiences.

If you are interested in visiting the Young At Art Museum and would like more information, stop by their website here. You can connect by liking them on Facebook where you will be the first to know about events, activities, and promotions the museum is offering. The museum also offers workshops, camp programs, a museum pre-school, and even a place to host a birthday party full of creativity. Museums are a great way for children to experience interactive learning and also a ton of fun for the whole family.

This concludes Tuesday’s Mommy ♡ Daughter Date adventure. I am thinking of making this a regular thing around here. Nothing beats time with my princess! Do you have any local gems that you enjoy taking your family to?


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    The kids love hands on museums. This looks like a great place to spend the day. I love to watch the kids when they are having fun and learning.

  2. says

    This looks so fun! We're going to be in Naples for spring break and I just mapped it out and we're only 90 minutes away. I think my twins would LOVE a trip here! Thanks!

  3. says

    Awww such a sweet mommy daughter date day at the museum! Loved looking at all the photos, your little girl looks like she's having the BEST time!

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    That museum looks fun! We have something similar here, but don't go often. Love the idea of mommy & daughter dates. I'm planning one with my four year old this weekend.

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    Looks like an awesome museum! My son would flip for that water table – it's his favorite part of any children's museum!

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    What a fun place! We love our local museums too and you and your daughter are beautiful. Glad you had some good time together.

  7. says

    I love places like that. Those are some great pictures and it looked like you had a wonderful day together!

  8. says

    I do not remember my parents ever taing me to an interactive, hands on museum, they may not even have existed. I love that they are so popular now, my son loves them, just like your daughter!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    I love mommy-daughter dates! This museum looks like so much fun. It's great when they are interactive like that – fun for both adults and kids!

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    We have a similar museum about 45 minutes from our home and my 3 year old loves to visit. I love that children can go learn and have fun at the same time!

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    I don't think I've ever been there! Kind of sad because I am a South Florida native! LOL! You guys should check out the Monkey Jungle in SouthWest Dade. It's quite a drive but if you like animals, there's nothing like it!

  12. Jacqueline says

    I've been here twice with my nieces and they both love this place! I really can't even describe how much fun it is inside. There is nothing hands-off so there is none of that "sorry, you can't touch that drama" that makes kids want to run out of museums normally. We have lots of photos from the impression wall too!

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    Museums are a great way to experience interactive learning. I think the kids like it too, because it feels special being 'out.'

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    I love, LOVE your new design! (not saying I don't miss those cute owls, but) This is so airy and colorful~ I have Spring Fever just from being over here! (I'm not even kidding). I've been dropping by every day since you told me you were redesigning haha. So glad to see it~it's perfect! The little heart on the tab (favicon) is the icing on the bloggy cake 🙂

    You pretty girls are always up to something fun! I wish I lived closer and we could take on FL together! ;D That place looks like somewhere I'd take Noah often–he'd have a blast there!!

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