Five Funny + Favorite Moments Of The Week

One word: BOOGERS. First of all why do kids enjoy picking their noses so much? I’ve come to the conclusion that it could only be one of two main reasons. It’s either the satisfaction of picking a hidden treasure that they have spent all day working to dig up or it’s the sudden rush they receive when they wipe that excavated jewel on the furniture when no one is looking. The other day I was getting ready to wash my sheets and I noticed that on the wall above my bed was a collection of dried boogies, almost formed into a shape of some sort but I couldn’t quite make it out. Now I knew who they belonged to but I wasn’t sure why the wall had become a giant Kleenex. I didn’t know whether to laugh or get a chizzle. My little booger monster was forced to reveal all of her “collection” spots around the house and help mommy remove them asap! 

Toodie is one with technology. At five years old she has mastered using the iPad & the new iPod touch she received for her for her birthday. It’s not usual to find her making videos of herself singing or dancing to her favorite songs. I have about 25-30 videos of her singing the exact same song over and over and over again. Since they are usually repetitive I don’t always go through them all to see what she has been performing for our dogs and stuffed animals. Last night I was doing a “clean up” and found FIVE videos like the one below. Who would have thought that my little girl would begin meditation at such a young age? When I asked her where she learned it from her reply was, ” The Space Buddies movie mom, duh!” I guess I was supposed to know that.
On Tuesday I let Toodie stay home from school so we could enjoy a day at the local children’s art museum. You can read more about our fun day here. We really did have a blast. This was our second time visiting and before heading home we captured a few memories in their photo booth. They speak for themselves.

Toodie’s favorite words of the week included ridiculous, fart, “fachie” ( this is her word for “butt”), and disgusting.

“I have to brush my teeth again? I just brushed them last night. This is getting ridiculous.”

“Mom, I farted.”    “Mom, I farted.. again.” “Mom, why do I fart so much?” “Mom, what is a fart?”

“I hurt my fachie.”  “Mom watch where you stick your fachie.” “Grandma has a huge fachie.”

“Those chicken nuggets were disgusting. I’ll vomit everywhere if I have to eat them again.”

This favorite rolls over from last week but I really wanted to include it because I haven’t had a chance to re-cap Toodie’s birthday festivities. On Friday I surprised her after school by taking her to the Prissy Missy Spa, a day spa for little girls! She was treated to a mani, pedi,chocolate facial, massage, and much more. I now have to live up to that adorable bow hair style. I have yet to succeed!

What were your favorite or funny moments of the week?


  1. says

    Bwahahahaha – my boys can not keep their fingers out of their noses, either. I don't get the appeal, but they can't seem to stop themselves. Gross.

  2. Jacqueline says

    What did moms do before iPohnes and digital cameras? The few home videos of me I covet! Kids today are so lucky that there are TOO may photos and videos of them as well as blogs to keep up to date with their sick days for memoires.

  3. says

    ewww. We were driving to my son's school last week and he said his teacher said, 'There's been too much nose picking going on today, way more than usual.' hahahhaha ah, the perils of being a Kindergarten teacher. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. says

    My son is the opposite right now about boogers. He thinks they are gross! and wants them in the trash immediately! And what a cute spa. I can't wait to do things like that with my little girl!

  5. says

    ah, boogers. my friend had a rainbow painted on her wall as a kid. she attempted to fill th rainbow in with boogers. i'd just have ripped the whole wall down

  6. says

    Im not sure how many funny moments I had. If you asked how many stressful moments I had I'd be like 101001010. Anyhow, your daughter is so cute, and that is one awesome hair style!

  7. says

    What a cutie pie you have there! Great post. It sounds like if nothing else, you got a lot of laughs this week. The video was hysterical. That looks like something I would find if my five-year old was let loose with the iPad. Kids…

  8. says

    wow incredible that Toodie is loving meditation at such a young age. This will be a great way to keep her peaceful on the inside ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. says

    What a fun day to stay home from school…..and I thought boys were the ones that toot and fart and burp and all that stuff. I know I know I have a grand daughter that fits right in all the tooting mess!!

  10. says

    What a great birthday celebration! My daughter is now a teenager and I really miss doing things like that with her. Enjoy it!

  11. says

    Happy birthday to her!! What a FUN idea for a birthday day… My daughter would love to do a girls' spa day at a place like that. Thanks for the idea! Also, I'm thrilled to hear that my daughter isn't the only girl who does and says gross things; I thought for sure it was because she has 3 brothers. lol

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