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When I first started my blog I had no plan, no direction, and no idea what I was getting into. It started as an outlet to share my kid friendly crafts and recipes. As time went on I began to invest more of myself into my writing and started to enjoy sharing my adventures in motherhood. Two years ago I was at a completely different place in my life than I am now. After working since I was 16 years old, I was now a full time stay at home mom with more than enough free time on my hands. Young At Heart Mommy is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. It gave me re-direction and confidence to continue with my goals, aspirations, and dreams.  I also quickly learned that I could actually earn an income by doing something I truly loved, blogging. After realizing that there were so many ways to monetize my blog I began researching and communicating with seasoned bloggers who knew the tricks of the trade.

This is when I stumbled upon Linqia.

What is Linqia?  A way for you to get paid writing, sharing, and spreading the word through social media. Linqia provides bloggers with the ability to grow their community and work with brands in sharing their story or message. Based on your blog’s content and niche they match you with brands that will interest your readers. You will be offered campaigns and have the opportunity to share a story related to the content they are promoting. These campaigns contain “pay per click” links that track your reader’s engagement and interaction. You will also be given a budget that will determine the maximum amount of money you can receive and how much you will make off of each click. Once you exceed this you will not get paid for extra clicks but your budget for future campaigns will be increased. Broken down, interaction and engagement= money, money, money! (It sounds better if you sing it…)

Since I have been a member of the Linqia community I have participated in three campaigns. My latest post, Decorate Your Space With Stylish Styles From Kleenex, being the most recent. There are MANY things I love about being a part of this network. Let’s break em’ on down..

1. You get paid QUICK. Once the campaign ends Linqia will send your payment through PayPal within 72 hours. 

2. Working with brands and companies that interest you. Linqia does a great job of sifting through your content & pairs you with the best possible matches that will engage your readers.

3. Helpful campaign leaders that are well organized and involved. Each campaign has a manager that will correspond with you through email and your Linqia dashboard. They provide you with detailed instructions, suggestions, and help along the way.

4. Promoting through social media channels. The campaigns you participate in are an excellent way to draw new readers to your blog and build your social media platforms. The more you share the more you make.

5. Pay-per-click. This used to scare me because I never thought I could engage my readers to get involved and interact with the links I was posting. I proved myself wrong and discovered something even greater about Linqia. The amount of clicks you obtain in you current campaign will determine  your budget for those offered to you in the future. You may make only $80 in your current campaign but have 100 extra clicks through your post. This means the next time around your budget will be raised even higher because you have an engaged audience. There is always room to grow and what blogger doesn’t love that?

As you can see I love everything about Linqia and what they have to offer bloggers like myself. Ready to check it out? Linqia is always looking for bloggers who fall in the parenting, garden, and home niche. You must have a minimum of 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook and be in North America. Click here and register to be a part of the community. It never hurts to get paid to do something you are passionate about!


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    I have done a few campaigns with Linqia and they have been great. You're right about them paying quickly – usually within a week of the campaign end!

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    Thank you for the recommendation. I tried to submit an application for Linqia and no matter what I entered for my phone number is would not let me submit it. It shows that my phone number is an error. I will try again later.

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    I appreciate your recommendation. I tried to submit an application to Linqia and I could not get past my phone number. I had entered it but no matter what I entered it was hung on the phone number. I will try again another time. Thanks for the info though.

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    I haven't tried working with them yet. I get their emails, but wasn't sure how it actually worked.

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    I belong to Linqua, but I haven't done a campaign with them yet. Like some of the others, I wasn't really sure how it worked.

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    I love Linqia and I also highly recommend them! While it can be a bit stressful to get enough click-throughs on some campaigns, the blog posts are fun and simple to write and the overall campaigns are just that = FUN!

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    I have done a couple of campaigns from Linqia, but haven't heard from this recently. Hopefully I will get an opp soon!

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    I have done two campaigns with Linqia and I LOVE them, I can see how my progress is going and they're great about payment. However, it's been awhile since I've gotten a campaign 🙁

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    I haven't started monetizing my blog as yet besides using my google ads but when I do start I'll be sure to check out Linquia.

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    hmmmm This is a new one for me. I may just have to check them out! I'm just getting into this whole actually making money at my blog thing so I will take a look! Thank you for sharing!

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    Hello all! My name is Sophia, I am a Community Manager at Linqia. It is so great to see so much interest in applying to be a part of our platform. Click on Jessica's link if you'd like to apply, we are awaiting your applications 🙂

    Beth@FrugalFroggy– so sorry about the page not working, we apologize for any inconvenience this caused. We are still smoothing out a few bugs, our application page works best when accessed from a laptop or desktop computer (rather than a phone or tablet,) and when accessed through Google Chrome.

    If anyone has any other questions about Linqia and how we work please feel free to reach out to us at community{at}, and check out our blog ( for campaign tips and insider info!

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    Hi everyone! My name is Sophia, I'm a Community Manager at Linqia, so great to hear all this interest in registering on our platform! Click Jessica's link if you'd like to register with us, we are awaiting your applications 🙂

    Beth@FrugalFroggie, so sorry that it isn't working and for any inconvenience this has caused! We are still smoothing out some bugs, but we have found that our registration page works best when accessed through the Google Chrome browser, and works best when accessed from a laptop or desktop computer rather than a phone or a tablet.

    We're really happy to see so many positive campaign experiences, feel free to reach out to us with any questions at and visit our blog ( for more insider info!

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    I had the same problem, Beth. Try a different browser. I was using FireFox and my phone number wouldn't register. I tried my iPad the next time and everything went through! Good luck!

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    I signed up but I haven't received any campaign offers, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for this post

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