Fun Breakfast Time Twists With Target! #PlateFullCoOp #spon

We all know that Breakfast is of the utmost importance in the morning, not only for children but adults too. Everyone needs energy and starting your day with a wholesome meal will keep you focused until lunch time. Even though it may be the most important meal of the day, it’s not always so simple. In our home it can be hectic, rushed, and repetitive during the week. Most parents will agree. There are never enough hours during the day, especially in between getting the children dressed and making sure their lunches are packed before school. With our morning routine in fast motion I sometimes lack creativity when it’s time for Breakfast. Have you every asked yourself what can be done to make it more exciting and less monotonous? I sure have.

Using a variety of classics that my family loves, I created a few simple twists to make Breakfast delightful and fun again. I was also sent the products pictured above from General Mills for inspiration and to participate in the Target Busy Family Project! Most of these you can already find in my kitchen but there were a few that I was excited to incorporate into Breakfast for the first time. All of the ideas are simple to make and add a spin on what your children may already be eating each morning. These are just a fun way to refresh your usual Breakfast routine and help to get tummies filled without a fuss! 

Peanut Butter & Nutella Monkey Pancakes are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face at the Breakfast table in the morning. Coat a large circle shaped pancake with Nutella and a smaller one with JIF creamy peanut butter. Banana slices can be used for the ears and eyes. For the nose I placed two Cheerios in the center of the smaller pancake. Cheerios or chocolate chip morsels can be used for the mouth and center of the monkey’s eyes.

Banana & Nutella Heart Shaped Toast is the answer to your morning prayers. Transform those boring slices of toast into fun heart shapes by using a cookie cutter. Spread a layer of Nutella on top and add on sliced bananas. These are a lot tastier than your typical butter and jelly pairing. Bananas and Nutella are heavenly together!

Using a tall slender glass or mason jar you can make a Strawberry & Granola Yogurt Parfait for Breakfast time. It takes only a few minutes to layer your favorite yogurt, fresh fruit, and Nature Valley granola for a sweet crunch. If you serve this in a mason jar you can even take it to go for those hectic mornings you need to get out and get going.

These are just a few of my personal favorites to make Breakfast more exciting and much more fun for the whole entire family in the mornings. You can find special savings on these products at Target and even more breakfast inspiration by visiting

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.



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    We love parfaits in our house and I do peanut butter and banana on toast a lot but have never cut it into shapes…going to do that. My son will love it! THe monkey pancake is adorable!!!

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    Aww, these are really fun ways to de-borify breakfast haha!! I'm a huge fan of parfaits so I'll be giving that a try. My little man is a big fan of toast and granola bars so I'll have to try your sweet little toast hearts!

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    You know what? These food ideas are totally awesome, fun, and delicious at the same time! Thanks for sharing and I would love to try this at home.:)

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    I love these ideas! And the Banana & Nutella Heart Shaped Toast will be perfect to serve on Valentine's Day. Very cute – & simple too!

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    These look so delicious!! I have pinned this page so I can look for it when I go grocery shopping next, I think the kids would love this as our Sunday Family breakfast together!

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    The monkey pancakes are absolutely adorable! I think I'll make those for my son and save that beautiful parfait for myself.

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    I love these staple brands and turn to them for healthy snacking, and breakfast options. I also love my local Target store!

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    The monkey pancakes are adorable! My boy would want to play with his food if I made those for him!

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    I want monkey Pancakes is all I hear from behind me as I am reading this. This little girl would eat all of the pancakes if I made her monkey pancakes like that.

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    Wow, my son would love the monkey pancakes! We will make these this weekend to see if he will enjoy them. He's a picky eater but who wouldn't love peanut butter and Nutella with their pancakes?!

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    Great ideas for getting your kids to eat a healthy breakfast! Cereals, while convenient, have a ton of sugar and can get boring. These alternatives are much better!

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    The monkey pancakes are honestly the cutest things I've ever seen! So creative and also hilarious! (plus nutella and PB = HEAVEN!!)

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    My daughter is going to love the monkey!! I am going to surprise her with it Valentines day morning. She loves monkeys and nutella so this will be perfect!

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    Oh my word, my kids would totally go crazy over the PB and Nutella Monkey Pancakes! Maybe during our next snow day I'll plan a monkey themed day and I'll make these pancakes for lunch!

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    My boys love peanut butter and nutella on their pancakes or waffles in the mornings. Yours are so cute!

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    I love your monkey pancakes!! That turned out so incredibly cute! I'm going to attempt to replicate it next time we make pancakes.

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    I love your ideas; I needed them for my daughter. In the mad rush to get on the bus every morning it seems like breakfast has become to standard and stale. I worry about her actually getting enough to make it through to lunch time.

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    that pancake is too cute!! It's so much easier to get kids to eat when they think something fun is going on 😉 It works on me, too… but, honestly, I love to eat, so everything works on me. Just walking past the fridge works on me lol.

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