Get Healthy With Weight Watchers + $25 Publix GC Prize Pack #GIVEAWAY! #MyBlogSpark

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution that they are determined to fulfill and accomplish. Some of them include hitting the gym more regularly, cutting out the fast food, or making positive changes to lead that healthy lifestyle we are longing for. A new year always brings upon the opportunity to change our habits and start a healthy routine. Losing weight and getting in the right mindset is easy with the help of General Mills & Weight Watchers-endorsed products. Are you ready for a healthier, happier, and more energetic you? Weight Watchers is going to make it easy!

Starting January 2nd you can shop at your local Publix and take advantage of the Weight Watchers-endorsed products on sale. This promotion runs from January 2-12 and includes:

  • BOGO Progresso Light Soup
  • BOGO Green Giant Frozen Items
  • 20/$10 (50¢ each) Yoplait Yogurt

Are you starting the New Year with a healthy routine in mind? If so, General Mills is giving you the opportunity to win a prize pack to help you get into the groove. One lucky Young At Heart Mommy reader will win a $25 Publix Gift Card along with a gift pack to help you store your healthy meals. This includes a water bottle, snack holder, and collapsible salad container for on the go. 

Disclosure: The information and giveaway has been provided by MyBlogSpark & General Mills.


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    I'm going to get healthy by adding lots of fruits and veggies into my diet. I'm off to a good start so I'm hoping I will keep it up. Thank you.

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    i (have already started) plan to make my own dinners and lunches, no longer relying on canned goods, boxed meals, and frozen bags to throw into a pan or the microwave, because i've realized that if you plan out your purchases and meals, you won't waste, and you won't spend a ton more on fresh items. my boyfriend have cut our meat consumption in half, added fruits and veggies to every meal, and build meals from fresh ingredients. this way we can control our salt, carb, and fat intake which you cannot do with boxed and frozen and canned goods.

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    I plan on meal planning for the entire week in advance so that I am not making unhealthy last minute trips to the store/ordering fast food!

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    I'm taking a new boot camp class that I love! I am also trying to eat healthier with meal planning! Swimsuit season is keeping me motivated.

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    I am trying to avoid process foods and start drinking green smoothies! I'm going to try an stay healthy by planning ahead!

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    I started it a little early but I plan on keeping Soda and high sugar drinks out of my diet, I haven't had soda since October 24th.

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    I plan to change how I eat always. We have been eating only healthy and only organic since the new year. It is a lot better for you! 🙂
    Thank you

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    I find it's easier to add healthy things than take away unhealthy ones. For instance, adding a green juice to my day usually cancels out other cravings for less healthy things without feeling like I have to resist them!

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    I am tracking everything I eat now in Myfitnesspal and trying to get a 3 mile walk in daily.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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    I am going to cut out drinking everything BUT water, and make sure to have healthy snack options in my cheat time- right before dinner

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    I am drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day and eating mostly whole foods.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

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    I'm planning to be healthier by making better choices and drinking more water!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

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    My husband and I are losing weight and toning up for our children. We have lost 150 pounds, and plan to improve our eating habits even more this year. Thank you for the chance!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

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    Walking more and eating better! I have started drinking V-8– my body just seems to need more tomato/veggie products!

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    Plan on joining Weight Watchers and eating as clean as possible, drinking water and packing lunch rather than going out

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    Plan on joining Weight Watchers and eating as clean as possible, drinking water and packing lunch rather than going out

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    I'm going to take some serious advice from my 25 yr. old daughter on how to lose some weight. She lost 120lb. and I am so proud of her….she even has a FB page with her low carb recipes!
    Ann B.
    ababe28 at hotmail dot com

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