Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy With Belly Dance Maternity & GIVEAWAY!

Four years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Toodie I promised myself that I wouldn’t be the “frumpy” mom. Being in my early 20’s I didn’t think that being pregnant meant I had to lose my fashion sense and live in sweatpants. Although there are many days in which sweatpants, a pony tail, and mis-matched socks were completely okay. Trust me, I enjoyed the lazy days thoroughly! But being a girly girl and lover of fashion, I always made sure to at least look put together when I was out. When your pregnant the insecurities you have seem to creep up on you a little bit more. I think there are a few common phrases that I have said and heard from pregnant woman in general. “My ankles are swollen.” “I look fat in this.” “My hips are HUGE.” “I’m carrying a watermelon!” “UGH this looks awful on me.” Regardless of our beautiful child bearing glow, we still find something to pick apart! During this time of self critique, there is one thing that makes us feel like a “normal person” again. What is that? Dressing cute, accessorizing, and struttin’ our stuff. Yeah, we are moms and we are carrying around another person for 9 months. But can’t we do that and still be fashionable?  Belly Dance Maternity makes this possible!

In 2002 Belly Dance Maternity opened it’s doors in Chicago and began to pioneer in the newly chic maternity market. Creating trends before and after pregnancy, they knew that expecting moms didn’t want to sacrifice their style. They offered an assortment of prices, brands, and exclusive pieces. A year later they expanded and even launched their online store. Around this time, Belly Dance Maternity acquired NOM(Naissance Maternity), which is a cutting edge L.A. based maternity fashion line. In addition to NOM the others brands offered include Paige Premium Denim, Juicy Maternity, Liz Lange, Michael Stars, and many more. Today Belly Dance Maternity is committed to celebrating maternity through trendy, wearable, and practical designs.

When I was contacted to review an item from Belly Dance Maternity I wasn’t sure if I was going to be the perfect match considering I am not pregnant or expecting! But I was quickly assured that many of the items they offer can actually be worn during and AFTER pregnancy. The clothing is versatile and most tops can be paired with leggings or jeans just like any other blouses. For example, the tank tops and tunics are perfect for that effortless put together look that most moms seek. I was sent the Tie Dye Wesley Tank by NOM in a charcoal gray and white tie dye pattern. This top is extremely comfortable! The material is not only soft but it is also stretchy. It is fitted on the top while the bottom is more loose and flowy. It looks great with a pair of black leggings or skinny jeggings. I can see how it could be worn during your pregnancy and also post-partum. It doesn’t scream “pregnancy” like most traditional maternity tops do. If you view the NOM line in general, you will notice that none of their pieces fall into that category. Everything is spot on when it comes to colors, trends, and what woman are looking for. It’s refreshing to see a company that offers trendy maternity clothing because when I was pregnant I had the hardest time finding tops that were fun and youthful. 

Young At Heart Mommy readers have the opportunity to win a piece of clothing from the NOM clothing line at Belly Dance Maternity! If you would like to enter, please use the rafflecopter form below. Also, stop by Belly Dance Maternity and browse their huge variety of merchandise. They aren’t limited to clothing! You can find swimwear, cosmetics, skincare, and even baby items on their site also

Disclosure: I received a piece of clothing from the NOM maternity line courtesy of Belly Dance Maternity. This post will not be compensated and all opinions are my own!


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    I would love the piece from this giveaway since I am expecting. Well, not sure if I win (crossing fingers!) would be on time, because I'm due in June around the 15th and 20th hehe…awesome blog!

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    I'm not pregnant either but have an apple shape so hopefully I'm still eligible 🙂 The item I'd choose:
    NOM Tie Dye Wesley Tank

    Thanks for the chance,

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