Candy Conversation Heart Shadow Box Frame #ValentineCraft #ValentinesDay

Since starting my Valentine craft and recipe escapades I have been meaning to make something out of the traditional candy conversation hearts. After all, they are the classic way to send messages of endearment with their short but sweet sayings. When Valentine’s Day is near it is hard to walk into any store and not see these displayed all around you. They are typically used to give to our loved ones or special valentine but conversation hearts can be used for so many different things! You can use them as a cupcake topping, crush them up into a milkshake, and incorporate them into various Valentine crafts. I have been into seasonal home decorating projects lately and decided to create another fun heart shaped canvas to spread the love. You can see the Valentine Button Heart Canvas I was working on earlier in the month too.

Here is what you are going to need..

  • 1 white shadow box frame
  • candy conversation hearts
  • heart shaped stencil
  • hot glue gun

You can use small and/or large candy conversation hearts for this craft. It depends on the size of the frame and how many candy hearts you have. You will be creating multiple layers so make sure you have plenty to do so. Using a stencil draw a heart shaped pattern in the center of the frame. I suggest using a pencil and a light hand so the outline can be concealed easily when your candy hearts are added.

Before you fill your heart you are going to need to create an outline. This is very important because it will help to keep the shape of the heart as the candies are added. Attach conversation hearts with a hot glue gun. One dab on the back is plenty. Continue to add hearts until bottom surface covered. There will be spaces between the candy but this will be concealed once other layers are added.

By adding several layers to your heart you are creating dimension and it will look as though it is popping out of the shadow box. If you start to lose the shape of your heart add more candies to the outline until you are satisfied. I had to go back and add a heart to the bottom and a few to the top to re-define the roundness.

Candy Conversation Hearts are a sweet way to liven up your Valentine decor. SO sweet that I almost feel obligated to attach a disclaimer here. You may just have to fight off the temptation to nibble on your decorations this year!


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    Well that is just about the cutest Valentine's Day project I've come across over the past week or so. I love how vibrant the hearts look against the white!

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    REALLY cute idea! I love it. and easy for kids to do…not expensive. i think we'll attempt this weekend.

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    Awww I love it and a great way to get the kids involved. I am going out today to see what we can do for their Valentines.

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    Oh, this is just perfect! I absolutely love it – and am writing down the supply list as we speak, so I can attempt it this weekend. Love how it turned out.

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    This is such a fun craft! My kids would love to do something like that. They ask every day if they can do fun crafts! I'll definitely be adding this (or something similar) to my crafty agenda for this week!

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    This is so creative. Where did you get the shadow box frame? I have few projects I need to get started and I may just add this to the list.

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    OH my goodness what a cute idea! I love the conversation hearts because they are so cute and iconic but I don't care to eat them much – this would be an awesome craft with my kids!

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    I love conversation hearts – hands down one of my favorite candies. This would be great to make the day after Valentine's Day when they go on clearance. (Always thinking ahead to the next year!)

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    Oh so cute! This would make a great gift or decoration! I would have never thought about doing this!

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