Young At Heart Mommy: Exploring Creativity With WowWee ArtSee Studio For The iPad!

May 11, 2013

Exploring Creativity With WowWee ArtSee Studio For The iPad!

At four years old Toodie has mastered using my iPad to play games, listen to music, browse YouTube, take photos, and spontaneously tweet random things to my followers. This usually includes a jumble of letters and funny emojis but she calls this "tweeting like mommy." Each day I am amazed at how intelligent and savvy she is with technology around us. Thankfully there are apps and software to feed this curiosity and also educate simultaneously. One of her favorite gadgets to use is of course my ever so popular iPad. It's light, portable, and just plain fun because of the innovative touch screen. It offers a different play experience compared to a PC or handheld console.

I recently discovered an interactive app and and tool that integrates the iPad with hours of entertaining activities for children. WowWee's ArtSee Studio encourages drawing, animation, art, and imagination through an interactive journey. Your child can create pictures from a blank canvas, color pre-drawn characters, paint from a pallete of vibrant colors, and even learn through educational activities. To get started all you need is the ArtSee Studio protective case, your tablet, and the FREE app. Download the app from the iTunes store and slide in your iPad to secure it in place. It is compatible with iPad generations 1,2,3 & 4. While the ArtSee Studio app can be used without the case, options are limited and you need the attached stamps for most activities.

Toodie has always enjoyed doing anything artys and creative. This app completely sucked her in and sent her into a whimsical world of imagination, which I loved! She took her time browsing through the activities and kept coming back to those she favored. She practiced symmetry, matching, sound, and memory through a variety of games. These included Connect The Dots, Odd One Out, Association, Melodee and Symmetry. Each teaching a different skill while making it fun and easy to understand. In addition to the five stamps, there is a pen stylus perfect for tiny hands. The pen snaps right into the case just as the other pieces do. This makes it easy to carry around to restaurants or in the car without having to  worry about losing any loose pieces along the way. It's going to be a life saver on our next long drive to Disney World!

All of your child's saved artwork is safely stored in the "collection" tab within the Artsee Studio app. This makes holding on to their unique creations easy. It also allows them to go back and view what they have made later on. Toodie enjoyed showcasing her drawings and scrolling through her pictures days later. At any time she could go back and add personality, sound, and actions!

Over 75 animated stamp variations
15 roller patterns
3 built-in theme packs
60 challenging activities in 5 unique games
Over 15 coloring pages
Multi-functional stylus
5 interactive tools
Easy-Grip Handle
Protective Case
Made for iPad® (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation

The case itself is a nice size and because it is flat, it rests easily on the lap. The back even has a flip out stand so it can sit up on a table! Toodie used it resting on her knees. Normally when she plays with the iPad I have to put a pillow underneath because there is nothing to hold it in place. This is a small feature that many may look over but it is SO helpful!

On the bottom of the Artsee Studio interface there is a prompt to access the Parent Menu. By holding two fingers down onto the strip of symbols, you will be presented with further options. Here you can save your child's artwork, print, or share within your social media channels. You can also purchase additional theme packages including "Fairy Tales." Import your own photos for your child to play with or make changes to the difficulty scale. ArtSee Studio can be played on a Junior or Advanced option to grow with your child. As a mom of an intelligent toddler, I prefer that she work on stimulating activities that will challenge her as she grows. Once she masters the Junior level, I can raise the bar to Advanced and watch her learn! It's also nice that parents still have control over the application and can make these alternations at any time.

If interested in further information on the ArtSee Studio you can visit their website. Here you can get a closer look at the individual features and take a step forward in expanding your child's imagination! Connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for updates and other reviews from parents like myself. You even have a chance to win one of your own if you pay close attention on Twitter. They frequently have RT contests in which a lucky winner receives their very own ArtSee Studio!

Disclosure: I was provided with an Artsee Studio to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and I will not be compensated!

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